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BorderStrain ARPG






Loot & Weapons

There are many types of items to be found in BorderStrain. All items are randomly generated within certain limits but there are a few Main Types of Items to be found. Given below is a short description of BorderStrains main items.

Basic Item Types

Most loot dropped in the world belong to a few different types. As the Player progress and start venturing into more High Level Areas both the Stats as well as the Number of Stats start to increase. This allows the Player to start making more varied Builds

Given below is a short list of basic Item Types that can be found in the game


Body-armours are the main protective gear used. They ususally provide a solid armour rating which help reduce overall damage dealth to the player


Generators are the main energy generating item. The provide energy for Skills but also provide Shields. As such they can have both Offensive and Defensive values.


Boots are another parts of the Players Armour. They can provide, amongst other things, a overall boost in Movement Speed of the Player.


Helmets are special amongst Armour Parts in the sense that they can also provide Skill-Bonuses. As such the Player can use a suitable Helmet to increase the power of specific Skills.


Auxilliaries are general pieces of hardware which can be used to provide bonuses both to Weapons, Armour and Turrets. They can have the widest range of different stats of all items.


Bases are the main body of Turrets. Depending on the type of Turret the Player wishes to build a Base with corresponding Stats can be selected.


Food is used to provide instant recovery of Fatigue. The type of Food consumed determines how much Fatigue is recovered.


Rings are one type of artifact which can provide both Passive and Active artifact Abilities.


Artifacts provide purely Passive Abilities and are most useful for Player who wishes to focus primarily on this type of Artifacts.


Necklaces are an Artifact sub-class that provides the largest number of Active Abilities. For Players wishing to have the most powerful Active Artifacts Necklaces is usually the most suitable alternative.


Cubes are powerful single-use items which can provide many different effects. Some Cubes can be used to improve the Players weapon, whilst other can provide instant Teleport to the closest town.

End-Game Devices

The End-Game Device is a single use item which initiate the gateway procedure to open a bridge back to the homeworld. However, the energy required is extreme and the Player will have to fight of Multiple Waves of Enemies attacking the device.

For each wave defeated the Level of incoming enemies goes up, making the End-Game Device a powerful way of obtaining Loot & XP but it can also be quite dangerous!

Weapon Specific Items

There are multiple types of weapons and weapon specific loot in BorderStrain. Listed below is a description of the main types.


Weapons are used for the Players primary attacks. Depending on the Stats of the Weapon it can very different Projectiles and Explosions.

A Weapon consists of 2-4 sub-parts (a Barrel, a Stock and 0-2 Auxilliaries). A Player can choose to Extract 1 item from a Weapon to be used in another Weapon. This, however, destroyes all other parts of the Weapon in the Process.

Weapons can be Crafted by Placing one Barrel, one Stock and 0-2 Auxilliaries in the Weapon-slots and then Combine them.

The Weapons Stats and Effects can be further enhanced by using Ammo and/or by Infusing and Artifact to the Weapon.


Ammo is just that, Ammo for your Weapon. Ammo comes in multiple different styles and can vastly change the type of Projectiles a Weapon generates.

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are used for Close Combat and determine the Players Melee Attack-Speed and Damage-Per-Hit.


Powerstones are a powerful item which can be connected to the Players Melee Weapon. A Powerstone provides 1-2 "On-Hit" Effects on top of the players normal Melee damage.

Power Stones gain Level per hit so the more attacks the Player perform with the selected Melee Weapon and Powerstone the more powerful it becomes.

Weapon Stocks

Stocks are one of the main components making up a Weapon. Different stocks provide different Stats to the overall Weapon.

Weapon Barrels

Barrels are one of the main components making up a Weapon. Different stocks provide different Stats to the overall Weapon.