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BorderStrain ARPG


BorderStrain is developed and owned by Gallivanting Rhino Studio, Sweden

Release Date:

May 25, 2019




PC, Windows 10

PC, Windows 7

Press Contact:

[email protected]

Overall Description:

BorderStrain is an 2D ARPG which is developed as a solo indie project. After multiple years in development it has now stepped into Steam Early Access.

BorderStrain is based on a custom game-engine developed in C++ and integrated Steam functionality such as LeaderBoards and Play With Friends.

The game will continue to develop whilst in Early Access and any initial revenue generated will go directly into improving game assets, graphics and features. Due to the limited development budget available we aim to make sure any support given by the player community is returned in form of improved gameplay and finish.

Game Description:

Explore the world of Pangea as you embark on your adventure in this Open-World 2D ARPG. Follow and unravel the fate of the Firstborne or craft your own destiny alone or with friends.

BorderStrain is based on a custom built OpenGL game engine and delivers a procedual world full of loot and adventures! Customize your character by leveling and allocating skill-points in any of the 4 unique skill-trees. Build your character according to your play-style and that of your companions as the game support up to 5 Player Co-Op Multiplayer! Structures & Items can be crafted by resources found throught the world

Game Features:

  • Open-World 2D ARPG
  • Procedual World & Loot
  • Set Items with Unique Abilities
  • 4 Unique Skill-Trees
  • 5 Player Multiplayer
  • Craft, Build & Explore
  • Integrated Map-Maker

Procedual World

The world of Pangea is a procedually generated world with different regions each having its own climate and vegatation as well as enemy types and enemy abilities.

There are 4 distinct types of Biomes to encounter, Leaf-Tree Regions, Pine-Tree Regions, Jungle Regions and Desert Regions. However, local variations in the areas climate is designed to make same type Regions still very different.

Learn & Level Your Skills

The SKill-Tree in BorderStrain is divided into four distinct focuses; Offensive, Defensive, Stealth and Utility. 

Skills can be unlocked using Skill-Points which can be aquired by gaining Levels or by completing some Quests.

Loot & Weapons

There are many types of items to be found in BorderStrain. All items are randomly generated within certain limits depending on the level of the area.

As the Player progresses more powerful and diverse items can be unlocked.

The Player can also craft his or hers custom weapons by seperate weapon parts found throughout the world or scavanged from other weapons.


The world of Pangea houses 18 different creature factions to encounter with varying strength of the creatures within each faction.

Different creatures have varying stats and abilities for the player to handle.