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BorderStrain ARPG






Skills & Abilities

Skills & Abilities can be used from several different sources. The base Skills are Character Skills which are unlocked by Leveling. Artifact Items found can also provide unique Active and Passive Abilities. Lastly the Player can ear Titles which can be selected between to provide a specific Passive Bonus.


The SKill-Tree in BorderStrain is divided into four distinct focuses; Offensive, Defensive, Stealth and Utility. 

Skills can be unlocked using Skill-Points which can be aquired by gaining Levels or by completing some Quests.

Skill-Point assignment is permanent so the Player should think carefully how he or she would like to build the Character.

Active skills can be improved in power by leveling up to a maximum Skill-Level of 10.

Apart from Active Skills which consumes energy and needs to be activated manually each focus group also have three Passive Skills which provide a constant passive effect and can be leveled up to a maximum Level of 100.

Offensive Skills

The Offensive Skill-Tree focuses on damage dealing or damage boosting skills. Examples of skills in this tree is Focus-Shot which deals a single hit shoot with a significant damage boost or Planetary Bombardment which deals massive area damage in an area by bombarding it with several smaller explosions.

Defensive Skills

The Defensive Skill-Tree focuses on Skills which heals the player of help prevent damage. Area healing Skills can be used to heal several Players at once.

There are also a few damag dealing spells such as Poison Area or Mine which allows a Player who focuses purely on the Defensive Skill-Tree to still have access to some damage dealing alternatives.

Stealth Skills

The Stealth Skill-Tree focuses on various skills which have non-combat uses or some combat support skills.

Examples of Stealth Skills is, for example, Teleport which can be used for teleporting short distances or Dimension Door which is used to temporarily trap a Creature in an alternative reality. This allows for temporary removal of powerful Creatures so that the Plays have a chance of removing lesser enemies before taking on bigger challenge.

Utility Skills

Utility Skills primarily focuses on Resource related Skills or Creature Summoning.

A Player who has invested multiple Skill-Points in Utility Skills can often help Allies by summoning Creatures to aid in combat or by using the World Map skill to guide the part towards interesting locations.

Utility Skills can also be used to improve the performance of Turrets placed by the Player.

Artifact Abilities

Artifacts are a special type of items which can be found throughout the world of Pangea. Artifacts can provide both Passive and Active abilities similar to those obtained through the use of Skills.

More powerful Artifacts can have multiple abilities but also Negative Side-Effects which forces the Player to choose if the advantages of the artifact outweights the cost.

Active Artifact Abilitites

Active Artifact Abilities can usually be activated a few times before the charge of the Artifact runs out. Once the Artifact runs out of charges the item needs to Recharge which is done automatically over time and indicated by a Cooldown Dial.

Passive Artifact Abilities

Passive Artifact Abilities are always active and can provide both Positive and Nrgative effects to the Player.

Infused Weapon

Weapons can be Infused with a single artifact. If a Weapon is Infused with an Artifact, each attack made has a small chance of triggering the Active Ability of the Artifact automatically. Abilitites triggered this way does not consume a charge of the Artifact.


By achieving different Feats in the world the Player can unlock different Titles. Titles are appended to the Characters Name and provide different passive bonuses.

More powerful titles takes longer to unlock and each Title Tree has a Master Title which can be unlocked.

The Master Titles provides the strongest bonuses but can only be held by one Player per Server. These Titles can shift ownership depending on which Character is the strongest.

Below are a few examples of Titles which can be unlocked within the game.

The Guardian

The Title of The Guardian is rewarded to brave adventurers who Dfeat a large number of Elite creatures.

A Player carrying the Title of The Guardian receives a bonus in the quality of items dropped as well as a bonus when attacking Armoured creatures.

The Young Spirit

This Title is awared for Players who slay a large number of Evil Creatures. Making the world a safer place!

Carrying the Title of The Young Spirit gives the Player a bonus in the amount of Shields received as well as a damage bonus when attacking creatures Shields.

The Ranger

This Title is awared for Exploring high level Areas in the Wild.

The Player who bears the Title of The Rangers gets a bonus when dealing damage to Health of creatures as well as a reduction in noise generated.